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My Story

"Health does not have a specific look.

We don't have to look like the next famous instagram model or follow the latest fitness trend, in order for us to feel or become healthier.

However, we must take an objective approach to our health and be disciplined in our actions."

- Genise Brim

For most of my life, I was always thin and active with some form of exercise. Even though I exercise I didn’t have the best diet.


But my world turned upside down when my father was diagnosed with throat cancer.  My parents and I did not live in the same city, so the ninety-minute commute became stressful.  The entire process with my father started to take a toll on me and my family's health.  


My diet became very poor, I was eating whatever was available. My thoughts became consumed with the care of my dad, which made it hard for me to concentrate on anything else. Overwhelmed with this situation I began to lose weight and losing weight was not an option for me I was already too thin (96 lbs. 5’4).

I tried to help my father get well, but he was too weak to try anything new. Well, my father lost the battle in October 2009. March 2010, I receive my test results. I had to take some blood tests because of the painful menstrual and breast tenderness I was experiencing. During a prior visit, my doctor had warned me about my hormone imbalance and that I should be on a Vegetarian diet to help detox my body and balance my hormones. At that time in my life, I didn’t follow his advice. As a result, my weight had jumped to 118 my progesterone was too low, and my estrogens levels were increasing, which can lead to cancer.


This news was something I did not want to hear especially after losing my father to cancer. I didn’t think I was in that type of danger. My doctor had prescribed me to take Soy Isoflavones (weaker plant estrogen severed as a blocker) to protect my breast and progesterone cream to bring up my progesterone levels. In addition to that, he wanted me on more of a plant-based diet and if I was to eat any meats it must be hormone-free.


I left the office stunned and shocked at what was happening to my body. I started on the diet my doctor had recommended for me. I also started doing some research on estrogen dominance and started detoxing my body.


I began to consult with doctors who practice alternative medicine; and found that there are other alternative ways of bringing healing to the body. The more I learned about nutrition my health began to improve, I started seeing great results my estrogen and progesterone were now in the safe range. I wanted to learn more, which is why I enrolled in the school, Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Where I learned more about this life-changing way of living, which started me on the path of helping others. I'm now teaching others how to bring restoration to their bodies, which is very rewarding. Although my focus is on women’s health I like to be a help to all that come to me for a better way of improving their health.

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