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"Health does not have a specific look.

We don't have to look like the next famous instagram model or follow the latest fitness trend, in order for us to feel or become healthier.

However, we must take an objective approach to our health and be disciplined in our actions."

- Genise Brim

My Story

For most of my life, I maintained an active lifestyle despite poor dietary habits. However, when my father was diagnosed with throat cancer, the stress of commuting to care for him took a toll on my health and well-being. Consumed by his care, my diet deteriorated, leading to weight fluctuation and neglect of my own health.  After his passing, I received alarming health news, hormone imbalances and increased cancer risk.  

Feeling shocked and stunned by the news, I followed my doctor's advice to adopt a plant-based diet and undergo treatment to restore my health. Through research and consultations with alternative medicine practitioners, I discovered effective ways to improve my health. Inspired by my journey, I pursued education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, empowering me to help others achieve wellness. Now, I focus on women’s health and how to restore their health and well-being, by drawing from my own experiences to provide guidance and support to those seeking a healthier lifestyle.

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